Real Time Marketing

What Exactly is Real Time Marketing?

It simply means marketing in real time thereby adjusting your marketing goals to recent social media changes. In the world today and especially social media, you have to be quick and sharp.

We get news on the go so in the same way when marketing you have to do it in such a way that is in tune with what consumers want and it is carried out in the appropriate way using social media. It is important to be innovative and modern. Real Time Marketing means using current events, topics that are trending to target your online audiences. Now there is real time interaction between production demands and the sources for this production. This blog will give you some strategies on how to practice real time marketing.

Why Use Real Time Marketing?

It is authentic and relates to audiences. Consumers can see that you pay attention. It also improves your brand’s reputation and brings people who are forming their opinions of your brand to your brand. Brafton shows way you can use real time marketing with a video that shows tweets that inspire content.

Real time Marketing Strategies

Real Time Marketing

Create a broad strokes plan, but refine as needed. You want to create events and ideas as they come. Embrace the unknown and see instant opportunities. To keep up with current trends you have to regularly research which means your online presence must be constant. You do not want to miss a valuable opportunity.

Timing is important. Real Time Marketing is not just about doing things quickly. After grabbing your opportunity you have to think strategically about when to strike. Identify the right moment and strike when you will potentially gain the most.

Be Creative
Try to be witty not awkward. Use terms that align with your brand’s core values. Our previous posts mention core values a lot, it is important to define who you are as a company constantly. This is also way innovation comes in, if you have creative thinkers then this should not be a hard task to follow through.

Like the infographic illustrates where you get your information is important. This ties in to knowing your audience. What social media networks do your audience use? Find out what content they like and how they like the content delivered. Do they like infographics or videos or do they like images? This is important and it narrows down the way to present your information. You also have to find out what they like and adjust your real time marketing strategies to that.

Ignore the “Noise”
Social media is an endless pool of information, meaning there is valuable information and there’s irrelevant information. The irrelevant information is the noise and you should ignore the noise. Do not try to push every single supposed marketing opportunity. Some of them will not work. Narrow your focus and focus on key signals. Key signals mean social momentum, velocity and audience engagement. By doing this you see what works and what doesn’t. You can see what your audience responds to and this is what you focus on.

Online Personality
Using the real time marketing strategy develops your online brand personality. You develop a certain voice, which makes you unique. Consumers use brands they can communicate with, a brand that listens and that is what real time marketing does




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