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Instagram in general is growing user base and is gaining more and more attention by big brands. This post will outline the benefits of Instagram video to brands. Recently, Fast Company shared a very informative article on what Instagram video means for brands. The article outlines the advantages of instagram videos to brands. It also shows how some brands are fast adapting to this new interface. We will show you how to use Instagram video to its full potential and utilize its many benefits.

Why Use Instagram Video


Video Length
Firstly, you can record videos for up to 15 seconds which gives the brand more time to add things. This also increases the quantity of the content. This means creating more space for creative jamming.

Instagram video allows you to edit frames. So if there is something you do not like you can simply delete a frame if you do not like it and start over from any point. The downside to this is that you can only delete the most recent frame. On the plus side, at least you can edit!

Instagram lets you filter your videos. It has 13 custom filters which gives the user a lot of options to choose from. So you can continue to be a pseudo artist posting dreamy Woody Allen/ Wes Anderson esque content.

Cinema is a stabilizing tool that eradicates shaky video takes. Instagram video allows you to focus your videos. If your content is out of focus tapping on the screen can increase focus which increasing the quality of your content.

The users of Instagram video can also select thumbnail image. With this you have control over the type of content you want to share down to specifics.

Ways to Use Instagram Video

• Facebook owns Instagram which means expanding your reaching by integrating both social media platforms. It gives your brand more visibility and volume. If you are looking to looking to expand your brand’s audience linking both accounts is important.
• Knowing your audience is also important. Instagram users like a particular aesthetic when it comes to content. Using Instagram videos should be tailored to that aesthetic the audience is fond of.
• You can select your thumbnail and this can be used to your brand’s advantage. Use one that is eye-catching which will make the user click. With Instagram video, you can shoot in continuous stream or in snapshots. With this two options you can make your content unique and find creative ways to record your content.
• Instagram video is also good for brands that have products. A simple video would give the audience an how to demo of how to use this product. Also, the FAQs (frequently asked questions) can be answered quickly and efficiently with these video shorts.
• Create a look book. Fashion bloggers create fashion look books all the time. Instead of showcasing outfits or showcasing outfits because that is what your brand creates; you can do the same with Instagram video. Make your videos a portfolio showcasing your work
• Engage the audience. Encourage the audience to share their experiences with your brand by using videos and hash-tags
• It can create a behind the scenes look into your brand making you more accessible and letting the consumers into the creative process. It gives a glimpse into the human side of the brand. With motion and sound Instagram exposes another level in your creative process.

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