Social Marketing


Social marketing is relentless

They call it social media management for a very good reason. It’s always moving. Always changing. And always being judged.

We can help you develop your brand personality and influence, but we can also maintain it. This means engaging with millions of people across social communities and building relationships with influencers — all supported by our expertise in social platforms and analytics.


Our approach

Social marketing is all about conversation. We create these conversations between brands and people to build deeper relationships. Then, we use social listening tools to gain insight into your customers’ desires, behaviours, and how they perceive your brand.

This insight becomes the basis for us to develop a unique tone and personality for your brand and determines what types of content will be relevant to your social communities.


Social trends

Our goal is to move your brand from simply being the one talking to being a personality people will talk about and with. This requires a keen eye on content trends and social analytics. We integrate social data and findings into campaigns and deliver strong conversion metrics.


Accurate social analytics requires a trusted monitoring system. Our system analyzes all major social networking sites along with blogs, micro-blogs, forums, message boards, traditional news sources, media sharing sites, and comment sections.

The system is customizable to your business and supports RSS.


Reporting and Analysis

Our team can provide a variety of options to export data for offline analysis or presentations. We work with you to create a communication workflow that meets the needs of your organization.


Customer Support

We provide continuous, chat-based support for customers in private channels, and our team works closely with the IT help desk to assist you quickly and effectively. Unresolved items are escalated to the managerial level to ensure every case is resolved.


Social Marketing Services

  • Social Strategy
  • Social Listening
  • Content Production & Distribution
  • Social Customer Care
  • Community Management
  • Social Analytics
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Creative and Copywriting
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Reporting