Media Planning and Buying

Strategic Media Plan

Paid media. Earned media. Organic media.

To make these three elements work together and maximize your media buy, they must be planned simultaneously. To make this happen we combine research on your industry with consumer insights and targeted analytics.

The result is a touchpoint strategy to understand where and when your customer interacts with your brand and how we can best reach them through media placements.

Disrupting Audiences

Our media buying system lets us create hyper-targeted digital media buys. It then tracks the data to give us insight into consumer behaviours and different media consumption rates.

Media planning is highly strategic and success is measured in a way that’s easy for your organization to understand and verify.

Media Performance

When it comes to the cost of your campaign, media buying can quickly become one of the largest factors. This is why we design our media plans to deliver the best ROI for our clients.

Rather than selling off ineffective media placements, we optimize our buys from the start to find fair rates and avoid waste.

Measuring Results

FEAST uses an in-depth measurement and reporting approach to assess how we did. This analysis provides an opportunity to find what worked and what needs to be tweaked to improve the media plan going forward.


Media Planning and Buying Services

  • Programmatic Media Planning & Buying
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Market Segmentation
  • Ad Serving & Trafficking
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Traditional Media Planning & Buying
  • SEO & SEM