Content Marketing

Content marketing means creating and sharing valuable content to engage consumers. The combination of content marketing and social media is a powerful tool when used together. Content Marketing provides the kind of stuff consumers actually want in the form of blog posts, infographics, YouTube videos etc. This article will be focusing on blog posts and the use of infographics in content marketing.

Advantages of Content Marketing

Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising

With content marketing unlike traditional advertising you create content tailored to the consumer’s wants and needs. Therefore, instead of the one-minute ad barely glanced at by the consumer on television, the consumer in this instance can actively engage with the brands and its products. This happens because you are providing the consumer with exactly what they want to see. Or at least aiming content at the crowd who is interested in what you have to say.

Product Knowledge

When posting blog posts and YouTube videos you provide the consumer with enough information of the product. They know how the product works and this knowledge gives them the push to buy it.

Giving Back

If you share enough free content, consumers will eventually start to give back. This promotes the act of reciprocity. Since they benefit from your content they pay you back by buying things featured in your content.

The Content in Content Marketing

Quick Sprout offers great idea on creating content. One, way is called “cornerstone content”. QuickSprout defines this as something that defines your company. So, if your company focuses on digital marketing like ours does you write about digital marketing. Your content will be based on digital marketing. It is your foundation and your business is built upon this. Your cornerstone content should involve:

  • Keywords and Content Marketing: Finding appropriate keywords for your content is essential. In addition, relevant questions people ask is what your company will be addressing in its content and this should be part of the keywords. Will asking these questions help get a visitor to your site?
  • Headlines: Your headlines should be attention grabbing. They should be direct, succinct and in line with the business core values. The headlines should address the question the visitor is asking so that it will drive them to click your content.
  • Content: The quality of your content should be impressive especially in relation to other competitors. What do you provide that they do not? Moreover, why will a consumer pick yours instead of your competitors? These questions should be addressed when creating content. Most importantly, answer the question that the consumers are seeking comprehensively in your content.

Vine and Content Marketing

Feast is interested in exploring ways to use Vine in your content marketing strategy. Vine makes sure advertisements are shown in real time. It also gives consumers a behind the scenes look at your business. This keeps customers informed and keeps new ones interested. Vine showcases your product firsthand because with the Vine app you can demonstrate the uses and benefits of your products. Also, a step by step guide on how to use. You may ask them to include their thoughts and reviews of the product. You can use Vine to ask your customers questions and they can do the same using Vine. Vine also gives businesses an opportunity to be creative so Vine showcases your creative abilities which makes your business stand out because of its originality.

Infographics and Content Marketing

Images are important. What do infographics do? They manage to find a way to infuse these two elements together through images and text. Infographics are “visual storytelling through data”.

  1. Infographics are easy to use and easy for people to understand
  2. They help get information across faster
  3. They contain compelling imagery, which grabs attention, and this helps the content stand out
  4. They help reinforce your brand in the competitive market place
  5. Help you gain a greater reach and this extends your influence
  6. People love to share infographics and this can lead to viral marketing, which is always beneficial in content marketing.

Content Marketing is essential when using social media as an avenue for your business. The tools we suggest are just a stepping stone into the wide array that is content marketing!


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