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Feast Interactive

301-200 Cachet Woods Crt
Markham ON L6C 0Z8

Agency Overview

FEAST is an award-winning advertising agency in Toronto, Canada with a focus on digital marketing. A boutique shop with hefty creative aptitude, we continually lead the ever-changing advertising landscape through contemporary creative and data-driven media strategies.

FEAST delivers sales-driven results for our clients, including CAA, SYLVANIA, Canadian Tire, T-fal, and Kitchen Stuff Plus. We also manage large-scale national campaigns for organizations like the Canadian Armed Forces, 3M, and Statistics Canada.


Rob Vena

Co-Founder, Creative Director


(p) 416.302.3039

Rob founded Feast as a creative digital marketing agency focused on helping companies broadcast themselves in the digital landscape. “Creative. Digital. Social.” That’s the motto at Feast, and it’s helped focus our team to think digital-first.

Rob has always jumped head-first into different creative art forms. Starting in audio design and music production, moving into film production and editing, then trying out photography, he explored various ways to create beauty and express emotion. As a result, this hands-on experience has helped him communicate his creative visions effectively through each campaign. He believes having a creative vision and understanding how to express it are both unique and invaluable skills.

Rob has managed all forms of creative, from conception to completion, and translated marketing objectives into creative campaigns for both big brands and startups alike. He has strong creative abilities in a wide variety of art forms including film production, audio design, graphic design, interactive design, and photography. Over the years, he’s overseen several high-profile creative projects for companies like OSRAM SYLVANIA, Canadian Tire, Suzuki, Procter & Gamble, Wella, and Tridel.

Lucia Mariani

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer


(p) 416.277.4287

As a co-founder at Feast Interactive, Lucia has over 15 years of digital marketing experience working with Canadian brands, retailers, education, and health sectors, allowing her to complete high-profile projects efficiently and effectively. Most of all she enjoys working with clients and creating executions that hit the mark.

Lucia has developed and led digital campaigns that have gained recognition from creative and digital advertising associations in Canada. For that reason, she provides thought leadership for interactive marketing strategies and provides outstanding results. In addition, Lucia holds a master’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Toronto.

Lucia is currently an advisor to the Toronto Digi Fest and recently earned the 2017 YPN Aspire Award for her work at Feast and in the business community. She also co-managed Girls In Tech Toronto and co-directed an annual TEDxWomen event. Lucia has appeared as a guest on CTV Tech Talk, CBC Radio, and was also featured in Flare’s Leading Women in Tech.

Our Team

Brittany Ma — Studio Manager

Mckenzie Gardiner-Armas — Account Supervisor

Simon Oppedisano — Senior Strategic Planner

Rebecca Ong — Media Supervisor

Tara Chan — Senior Account Executive

Ali Joyaa — Senior Account Executive

Favia Gonzalez — Account Executive

Carl Vlugt — Strategist

Arwa Saifuddin — Paid Ads Specialist

Ante Kovac — Creative Director

Sam So — Art Director

Miranda Cagas — Senior Graphic Designer

Kate Kim — Graphic & Motion Designer

Tessa Kim — Graphic & Motion Designer

Dalia Ataev — Concept Artist

Alison Dowsett — Copywriter

Michael Knudson — Advertising Copywriter

Ivana Hristova — Creative Strategist