Social Media & Digital Marketing

Are you hesitant to dive into the newest social media? We, at Feast, encourage the use of social media as much as possible, and today we’d like to focus on Instagram specifically.

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Media and the Power of Immersive Experience

[ih-mur-zhuh n, -shuh n]
1. an act or instance of immersing.
2. the state of being immersed.
3. the state of being deeply engaged or involved; absorption.

The term immersive means to be so interested in something that one’s consciousness begins to be directed towards only what one is reading, watching or listening to. In other words, when one is no longer being informed or entertained, but actually slips into a reality that was created. Immersion, as Georgia Tech digital media professor Janet Murray observed in her book Hamlet on the Holodeck (Free Press, 1997), is to be “surrounded by a completely other reality, as different as water is from air.”

Marketers who understand the potential of immersive stories have a considerable edge over those who try to connect with their audience in less advanced ways. But how can strategists and marketers use this tool to their advantage? How can they learn not only to immerse people but engage them as well?

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CDMN Soft Landing Program

Feast Interactive has recently been accepted to be a part of the CDMN Soft Landing program, which allows us to obtain regional support and resources for the right connections to help open new markets, close international sales or connect with new partners. Thank you very much to the Canadian Digital Media Network for the opportunity to expand as a business. 

Top 5 trends in Interactive Video for 2015

The way consumers experience video content is transforming. Gone are the days when we plop ourselves in front of the TV to watch endless hours of TV – except of course if you’re binge watching the latest installment of House of Cards.

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Artist Transform Billboard Ads with Art in Milano

Ad Art Milano


After Paris, Artist Etienne Lavie attacks the billboards’ ads of the city of Milano, by replacing them with famous classical paintings. The artist uses art as a substitute of the advertising, in an urban setting. Full gallery and story by


SYLVANIA Canada SilverStar® zXe Spotlights Drifting in Super Bowl Ad

Feast Interactive Super Bowl spot for Sylvania Canada features Canadian Drift Drivers

The spot was created by Feast Interactive and directed by Revolver Film’s Ante Kovac.

The ad tells the story of young drift drivers dedicated to an extreme sport built on practice and passion. Feast conceptualized, designed, and built a creative strategy behind the ad with an overall goal of connecting to car enthusiasts in Canada and, ultimately, driving sales at Canadian Tire. We produced the ad to increase mindshare of SilverStar® zXe automotive lighting amongst car enthusiasts across Canada. The Super Bowl ad will be shown pre-game and during the game.



2013 Digi Award Finalist for Interactive Advertising

Feast is nominated for 2013 Digital Award for Interactive Advertising.

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Instagram Video

Instagram in general is growing user base and is gaining more and more attention by big brands. This post will outline the benefits of Instagram video to brands. Recently, Fast Company shared a very informative article on what Instagram video means for brands. The article outlines the advantages of instagram videos to brands. It also shows how some brands are fast adapting to this new interface. We will show you how to use Instagram video to its full potential and utilize its many benefits.

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