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Lucia Mariani


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Agency Overview

FEAST is an award-winning advertising agency in Toronto, Canada with a focus on digital marketing that delivers sales-driven results for their clients, including SYLVANIA, Canadian Tire and Kitchen Stuff Plus.  A boutique agency with some hefty creative aptitude, FEAST continually leads the ever-changing advertising landscape through contemporary creative and data-driven media strategies.


Rob Vena

Co-Founder, Creative Director


(p) 416.302.3039

Rob founded Feast as a creative digital marketing agency focused on helping companies broadcast themselves in the digital landscape. “Creative. Digital. Social.”, That’s the motto at Feast, and it has helped focus our creative team to think digital first.

Rob has always jumped head-first into various creative art forms. Starting in audio design and music production, then moving into film production and editing as well as photography, he explored various ways to create beauty and express emotion. All of this hands-on experience has helped him translate and communicate his creative visions effectively through each campaign. Having a creative vision and understanding how to achieve that expression is a unique and invaluable skill.

Rob has managed all forms of creative from conception to completion and translated marketing objectives into creative campaigns for both big brands and startups alike. He has strong creative abilities in a wide variety of art forms including film production, audio design, graphic design, interactive design and photography. Over the years, he has creatively overseen several high-profile projects for companies like OSRAM SYLVANIA, Canadian Tire, Suzuki, Procter & Gamble, Wella, and Tridel.

Lucia Mariani

Co-Founder, chief strategy officer


(p) 416.277.4287

When Lucia started in digital marketing, CD-ROMs and Flash Player 1 were the coolest. She has evolved to become a digital leader in the span of 12 years and picked up a Masters Degree in Information Studies from the University of Toronto along the way. Some might describe her as an information addict.

From user experience strategies to information design, content strategy, SEO, PPC, lead–generation tactics, Facebook marketing and social media management, Lucia provides leadership for effective and efficient interactive marketing strategies for brands. And, she loves being involved in projects that are super-creative and meaningful to society.

When not plugging away at a computer, you can find her heading up events for Girls In Tech Toronto and speaking to business professionals on social media topics. She is currently co-organizing a TEDxWomen event in Toronto